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Innovative Finance Welcomes Gemba to Its Ranks

Feb 16, 2024


Innovative Finance Welcomes Gemba to Its Ranks

In a significant milestone for Gemba and the world of financial innovation, Gemba is proud to announce its membership in the prestigious community of Innovative Finance.

As a well-recognized provider of business banking solutions and financial services, Gemba has consistently led the way in the financial industry, spearheading innovative solutions and setting new standards for excellence. This decision to join the Innovative Finance community is a testament to Gemba’s dedication to nurturing the latest advancements in financial technologies and practices.

What is Innovative Finance?

Innovative Finance is a dynamic community dedicated to transforming traditional financial practices through technology and innovation. Gemba’s recent membership in this influential group, alongside industry giants like Apple, Google, Barclays, Chase, CITI, Deutsche Bank, SWIFT, VISA, PayPal as well as notable players like Wise, Revolut, and many others, underscores its commitment to shaping the future of finance through collaboration, technological advancements, and global financial inclusion.

At its heart, Innovative Finance is driven by a few key principles:

  • Technology Integration: The seamless integration of state-of-the-art fintech solutions, encompassing AI, machine learning, and data analytics, lies at the heart of Innovative Finance. These financial technology advancements are harnessed to streamline processes, drive cost efficiencies, and elevate user experiences within the dynamic landscape of banking and finance.
  • Financial Inclusion: Innovative Finance is committed to making financial services accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic status. This inclusivity fosters economic growth and empowers businesses alike.

Industry Numbers

The Innovative Finance sector has witnessed remarkable growth and impact in recent years. In 2020, it recorded over £4.5 billion in venture capital investment, showcasing the industry’s resilience and potential for expansion. The sector has also contributed significantly to the United Kingdom’s economy, with over 76,500 people employed in Innovative Finance companies. 

A Vibrant Community of Innovators

Gemba proudly joins a vibrant and influential community of Innovate Finance members, which reads like a who’s who in the world of finance and technology. Think Apple, Google, Barclays, Chase, CITI, Deutsche Bank, SWIFT, VISA, PayPal, alongside standout performers like Wise, Revolut, and a multitude of others—these names are nothing short of extraordinary.

These industry giants have been the driving force behind the financial technology and innovation revolution. Their membership signifies a collective commitment to pushing boundaries, propelling technological advancements, and boldly shaping the future of finance.

The synergy between Gemba and these distinguished community members promises groundbreaking developments and the perpetual transformation of the financial landscape. 

Upcoming Events

Gemba is excited to announce its participation in upcoming events organized by Innovate Finance. These events serve as valuable platforms for networking, knowledge-sharing, and staying abreast of the latest trends and developments in the world of financial innovation. To stay updated on these events and Gemba’s involvement, please visit the Innovate Finance events page here.

Why Gemba’s Membership Matters

Gemba’s membership in the Innovative Finance community signifies its dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional banking and financial services. By joining this community of forward-thinkers and innovators, Gemba gains access to a wealth of resources, knowledge, and partnerships that will help propel its mission even further.

As a member, Gemba will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organizations, explore emerging technologies, and contribute to shaping the future of finance. This collaboration will not only benefit Gemba but also its clients and partners, as they will gain access to more robust, efficient, and secure financial solutions.

Gemba and the Future of Finance

In conclusion, with Gemba as part of this thriving ecosystem and in the company of industry giants, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking developments and solutions emerging from the world of finance.

The future of finance is being shaped by visionary organizations and the involvement in Innovative Finance ensures that we are heading towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and technologically advanced financial landscape. As Gemba continues to innovate and lead, we can only anticipate more exciting developments on the horizon.