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Embedded banking features


Wallet, payment account, bank account, spending account — however you think of it, payments at Gemba always pass through an account.

An Account Holder owns the funds held in each account, but you can give account access to multiple people. These are “account members” and Gemba handles the account opening and identity verification processes for all of them.

Open Banking

Open Banking payments are coming of age, as merchants increasingly demanding new solutions. Super-fast, ultra-secure, and cost efficient compared to cards and other alternatives, offering an Open Banking solution has become a must have for major European payment service providers.


Traditionally business payments have been made by file and through the banks. But today, with Gemba you can seamlessly power real-time outbound payments for your clients, whether that be payroll, supplier payments, or disbursements to customers such as claims or winnings.


Web banking 

Invite your customers to our ready-made web banking app (white-labeled), or build your own using our APIs.



Fully verified accounts, with no limit on receiving/issuing funds. You get the full offer: accounts come with an IBAN and allow to issue virtual IBANs and cards too.



All accounts are automatically assigned a main IBAN. Use these to receive or make transfers all across Europe.


Virtual IBANs

Assign limitless virtual IBANs to your accounts. It's free. Great for automated reconciliation.


Cards (Coming soon)

Pamper your customers or employees with smart cards. You can design and issue cards with your own logo in just seconds using our dashboard


SEPA Direct
Debit collections

IBANS allow account holders to collect funds using SDD. Gemba enables both SDD Core and SDD B2B.

We are working hard to build up our set of robustand easy-to-integrate banking tools

Open bank account