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Use cases

Insurance Business

Claim pay-outs – The fast and lower risk way

Gemba offers insurers a fast and easy pay-out solution, which enables you to efficiently send pay-outs to a customer’s bank account in seconds. For customers that are making a claim and in need of cash to manage an unfortunate event, this gives you the opportunity to delight them. To reduce the risk to you, funds can be disbursed straight back to the customer’s original payment account, ensuring that the payments are sent securely, and reducing the risks to you from fraud and other risky claims.

Easy integration

Gemba integrates easily across all areas of your business, offering huge improvements in efficiency and usability. For ultimate performance, Gemba uses tailor made APIs that put payments and banking at the heart of your business.

Not fully ready for APIs? Then contact Gemba and find out which of our payment partners may be best able to support you with fully integrated, ready to use solutions.

A changing world

Customers are increasingly taking advantage of emerging technologies, opting to use real time Account-2-Account payments that are particularly suited to pay-as-you-go billing. For Gemba users, these are faster, cheaper and more secure than any other payment method. Meaning you’ll never miss out on the benefits.

Growing business

Achieving Flexibility

As an organization grows, business needs and priorities change. During these periods, working with inflexible banks is highly restrictive to growth. Gemba provides an integrated modular solution to banking and payments where users can change which features are deployed and adapt the ways in which they are used, all without disrupting core integrity.


Gemba is delivered from a cloud-based environment that can support the expansion needs of even the largest users. You can start with simple manual operation and progress to fully automated processing with no change to the data held.



The bigger a company gets the more critical process efficiency becomes. All Gemba functionality can be accessed via APIs, allowing every aspect of your business to be fully automated and substantially reducing reject rates, a major factor in delivering efficiency.


Benefit from
 Gemba today

Gemba supports legacy mechanisms for banking and payments, making it possible to switch from a traditional bank to Gemba with minimal effort. Once operational, your business can immediately take advantage of all the Gemba benefits that match your business needs.


Reducing bank-imposed restrictions

Unlike banks, Gemba applies rigorous validation procedures to all transactions processed. This reduces failure rates for you and reduces the level of risk seen by Gemba. We then share these added benefits with you, meaning fewer restrictions are applied across our services.

We are working hard to build up our set of robustand easy-to-integrate banking tools

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