Gemba enables
hassle-free fast local & cross border payment solutions
using new financial instruments in a secure and regulated way
We help businesses to build their financial infrastructure and individuals to manage their assets efficiently.
We provide multi-currency accounts, FX, local and global transfers, and payments powered by open APIs to create simple, compliant, and cost-efficient financial solutions.
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OUR Services
cloud-based BaaS
open API platform
local & cross-border transfers in 141 currencies
use only what you need & pay only for what you use
Regulated in UK passported to all EEA states
Improve their payment flows or create their own financial services using our white-label solution
Receive, split, reconcile, and settle payments in a compliant environment
  • Outsourced compliance
  • Issue IBAN accounts to manage all sellers on your marketplace
  • Automated processes to save time and money
Create your own financial services with our white-label payment and banking products
  • White-label account and client management
  • Multicurrency IBAN Accounts
  • e-commerce payments and transactional banking
Other businesses
Organize and simplify your money flows with our acquiring & multicurrency IBAN accounts
Financial institutions
Institutional customers
Can use Gemba for API-controlled, customizable, multi-currency international and local payments
Payment institutions
collect, settle and manage your payments and banking transactions
  • Multi-currency IBAN Accounts including FX capabilities
  • Local and cross-border transfers
  • Acquiring for card and APM payments
Upgrade their solutions with IBAN accounts and more top-up schemes
  • White-label eWallet and client management
  • Add multicurrency IBANs to your wallet
  • Top-up your wallets with additional acquiring and collecting solutions
Automate payments in a PSD2 compliant infrastructure with multicurrency IBANs
  • White-label eWallet and client management
  • Add multicurrency IBANs to your wallet
  • Top-up your wallets with additional acquiring and collecting solutions
Gemba is the actual place where profit is generated.
Located in London, our company provides modular, white-label Payment, and Banking-as-a-Service solutions that optimize Payment and financial transactions management.
Our vision
Gemba is a platform to manage currencies, assets and smart contracts in the digital economy all over the world.
About Our Services
Alexander Legoshin
Board member
Alexander has over 10 years experience in strategic marketing and a history of successful investments. Over the next few years, Alexander became a partner in several successful businesses in various sectors. At Gemba, he is responsible for strategic development, regulator relations and global business development.
Vladimir Derevyagin
Board Member
Vladimir has a strong background in banking and law. He has held senior positions at banks since joining the sector in 2010. At Gemba, Vladimir is responsible for institutional partnerships and relationships.
Ugis Latsons
Managing Director
Ugis started his career in the banking industry back in 1993 in Latvia. Since then, Ugis has held senior positions at Saules Banka, Latvian Savings Bank and Expobank, with in executive positons in Cyprus, Hong-Kong and, most recent, the Luxemburg office. Ugis joined Gemba as Director in 2019
Elina Linga
Head of Legal
Elina is the head of the Legal, Administrative, and HR Department. She has legal experience for over 15 years, of which more than ten years in banking and finance. Elina participated and advised many significant financial projects and helped raise awareness about the practical implementation of the regulation of payment services and electronic money.
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