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Embedded Banking

Payment accounts via API

Most modern businesses run numerous internal systems that either initiate payments or require data about payments. By unifying this data into an easy to manage hub, businesses can save time, money, and resources and transform their payment process overnight.

The most advanced way

To do this is through the use of APIs. Integrated APIs can link all internal accounts that hold payment related data to the specific payment accounts, streamlining the payment process from end to end.

Businesses need a safe

Secure account where payments both in and out of the business can be controlled, monitored and managed.

For centuries traditional banks have fulfilled this role.

However regulatory changes have now allowed Gemba and other Fintechs to provide new, innovative services, opening up an exciting new era of business current accounts.

With Gemba, payments become instant and invisible, meaning all these issues disappear overnight. Gemba lets you tailor your payments to match the way your business wants and needs to work efficiently and cost effectively.

As it should be.


Process efficiency

The bigger a company gets the more critical process efficiency becomes. All Gemba functionality can be accessed via APIs, allowing every aspect of your business to be fully automated and substantially reducing reject rates, a major factor in delivering efficiency.


Benefit from Gemba today

Gemba supports legacy mechanisms for banking and payments, making it possible to switch from a traditional bank to Gemba with minimal effort. Once operational, your business can immediately take advantage of all the Gemba benefits that match your business needs.


Reducing bank-imposed restrictions

Unlike banks, Gemba applies rigorous validation procedures to all transactions processed. This reduces failure rates for you and reduces the level of risk seen by Gemba. We then share these added benefits with you, meaning fewer restrictions are applied across our services.

We are working hard to build up our set of robustand easy-to-integrate banking tools

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