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Gemba goes Global with Grow London

May 12, 2023


Gemba goes Global with Grow London

A leading financial services company, Gemba Finance Ltd., is pleased to announce its participation in The Grow London Global Programme 2023 by Grow London Global.

Gemba Finance is a well-established and highly respected financial services company with a track record of providing innovative tailored financial solutions to its clients.  The company’s mission is to democratize access to finance, especially for underserved communities. Headquartered in London, Gemba Finance has a strong reputation for financial excellence and expertise. 

Through The Grow London Global Programme, Gemba Finance will have an opportunity to access a wide range of services and support designed to help grow its business in the UK and beyond. This includes access to mentorship, networking opportunities, and expert advice on topics such as market entry, business expansion, and regulatory compliance.

Commenting on their participation in the programme, Gemba Finance co-founder and CEO, Alexander Legoshin, said, “We are delighted to be participating in The Grow London Global Programme 2023. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with other businesses, gain valuable insights into the UK market, and access the support we need to grow our business. We are grateful to Grow London Global for providing us with this opportunity and we look forward to leveraging their expertise and resources to take our business to the next level. Our participation in this programme is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative  tailored financial solutions to our clients, and we are confident that it will enable us to build new relationships and strengthen the existing ones.”

Gemba Finance co-founder, Vladimir Dereviagin, added, “Participating in The Grow London Global Programme 2023 is an excellent opportunity for Gemba Finance to expand our reach and connect with other businesses. We are excited to learn from industry leaders, share our expertise, and explore new opportunities for growth and development.”

The Grow London Global Programme is designed to support businesses in expanding their international reach and achieving sustainable growth. As part of the programme, Gemba Finance will also have the opportunity to attend several events and workshops designed to help businesses navigate the UK business environment.

In addition to the support and resources provided by The Grow London Global Programme, Gemba Finance will also benefit from the wealth of opportunities available in the UK market. The UK is one of the world’s leading financial centres, with a highly skilled workforce and a business-friendly environment that supports innovation and growth.

By participating in The Grow London Global Programme 2023, Gemba Finance is well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities and continue to build its reputation as a leading financial services company. 

With Grow London Global by our side, we look forward to collaborating  with other businesses to drive innovation, create new jobs, and contribute to the growth of the UK as well as the global economy.