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UK Business Department Supports Gemba in New York Fintech Showcase

Apr 17, 2024


UK Business Department Supports Gemba in New York Fintech Showcase

Supported and personally invited by the UK Government’s Department for Business and Trade, Gemba Finance participated in the esteemed New York Fintech Week, which concluded a few days ago with a distinguished event at His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner’s residence. This recognition highlights Gemba’s prominent role and innovative contributions to the fintech sector.

Meet the Founders

Alexander Legoshin, known for his strategic foresight in Product Market Fit, Sales Strategy, and Cross-Border Solutions, leads Gemba’s push towards identifying and seizing market opportunities that align with our innovative offerings. His expertise is crucial in steering Gemba towards markets where our services can make the most significant impact.

Vladimir Dereviagin brings a robust background in Governance Leadership, ensuring that our corporate governance aligns with best practices and supports our business goals. His role in Compliance Oversight means he is at the forefront of regulatory adherence, keeping Gemba on track with industry standards. Additionally, Vladimir’s acumen in Risk Management helps us identify and mitigate risks that could impact our operations and reputation.


During the NY Fintech Week, the primary focus was on expanding from the UK to the US market, given its status as the largest financial services market globally. The discussions emphasized how such expansion can facilitate capital-raising efforts, provide access to impressive talent pools, and create significant market opportunities. Gemba stands ready to assist in this endeavor, leveraging its licensing as a Money Services Business in New York

Week’s Engagements

The trade mission began with a strategic pre-departure briefing, setting the stage for a week of rich engagement with the fintech ecosystem through high-impact events and discussions. Co-founder and CEO Alexander Legoshin actively participated in sessions ranging from regulatory insights to the latest technological innovations.

Highlighted Activities Included:

  • Insights into the NY Ecosystem: Understanding from local economic development agencies.
  • Interactive Experiences: Real-life stories from UK entrepreneurs who have ventured into the US market.
  • Expert Discussions: In-depth talks with legal and financial experts about operational specifics in the US.
  • Venture Insights: Learning about the US venture capital scene and strategies for effective pitches.

Special Networking Events

During NY Fintech Week, Alexander Legoshin immersed himself in a vibrant array of events designed to deepen their integration into the fintech ecosystem and enhance their operational strategies. He began by engaging with economic development agencies from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to gain a nuanced understanding of the regional business landscape. This provided valuable insights into the economic opportunities and regulatory frameworks within these states.

In highly interactive sessions, he heard from UK entrepreneurs who had successfully expanded their operations to the US, discussing practical steps and strategies for international growth. This was complemented by in-depth discussions with lawyers, accountants, and sales experts, who outlined key considerations for establishing a US presence, emphasizing legal, fiscal, and market engagement strategies.

A significant focus was placed on understanding the US venture capital landscape. The co-founder Alexander attended seminars on how to effectively pitch to US-based VCs, noting the crucial differences between US and UK investment approaches and expectations. These insights were pivotal for refining Gemba’s approach to fundraising and investor relations in the US. In addition, Gemba engaged in discussions about innovation and fundraising with experts from Citi, Morgan Stanley, Fin Capital, Anthemis Group, Alt/Finance – Alternative Data Solutions, and Pierce Yates Ventures.

He also participated in discussions with financial institutions about innovation and best practices for successful partnerships, broadening their perspective on collaborative opportunities in fintech.

The week also featured access to the Empire FinTech Conference, where he gained insights from leading fintech figures and actively engaged in forward-thinking discussions about the industry’s future. Networking was a fundamental aspect of his experience, highlighted by a welcoming event that created a relaxed atmosphere, facilitating meaningful connections with industry peers and leaders.

His experience was rounded out by exclusive gatherings such as the Welcome Reception at the Trade Commissioner’s residence, which brought together a diverse group from the broader fintech ecosystem, fostering both formal and informal partnerships.

The Significance of the Closing Reception at His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner’s Residence

The closing reception not only served as the culmination of the week’s activities but also as a cornerstone for meaningful dialogue on global fintech collaboration. Hosted in the elegant surroundings of the His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner’s residence, the event brought together an elite group of fintech professionals, thought leaders, and innovators. This gathering was instrumental in fostering discussions on new partnerships, exchanging new ideas, and setting the stage for future fintech initiatives.

NY Fintech Week was structured as a comprehensive collaboration between the startup community and major New York high street banks, providing significant benefits. This setup allowed the co-founder and CEO to selectively participate in sessions that closely aligned with Gemba’s strategic goals, enhancing their opportunities for growth and new partnerships.

Looking Forward

As New York Fintech Week concludes, Gemba returns enriched with new insights, expanded networks, and invigorated with fresh ideas to propel our fintech solutions forward. This week’s experiences have been invaluable in shaping our future strategies and enhancing our commitment to driving fintech innovation globally.

Stay tuned as we continue to share our progress and the exciting opportunities ahead, inspired by our successful participation in this landmark event and the prestigious closing at His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner’s residence.