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Gemba Recaps Successful Trip to Money20/20 Conference in Amsterdam

Jun 13, 2024


Gemba Recaps Successful Trip to Money20/20 Conference in Amsterdam

Gemba is pleased to share the highlights and outcomes of our participation in the Money20/20 conference held in Amsterdam. This premier event brought together the brightest minds in the financial technology industry, and we are proud to have been part of such a dynamic and innovative environment.

Strengthening Relationships with Key Financial Partners

Our time at Money20/20 was marked by productive meetings with top-tier banking partners. These engagements have solidified our relationships with existing partners and opened doors to new opportunities for collaboration. We are committed to leveraging these connections to enhance our service offerings and provide our clients with cutting-edge financial solutions.

On the Radar of Leading Venture Capitalists

We are glad to report that Gemba is now on the radar of several leading venture capital firms. The insights and feedback received from these esteemed VCs were invaluable and will guide our strategic planning and growth initiatives. We are optimistic about the potential for future investments that will accelerate our mission to revolutionize the fintech landscape.

Expanding Customer Acquisition through Strategic Partnerships

The conference provided a platform for Gemba to explore and establish new partnerships aimed at customer acquisition. By collaborating with other fintech companies and service providers, we aim to broaden our reach and offer more comprehensive solutions to our clients. These partnerships are integral to our strategy for sustainable growth and market penetration.

Integration into New Markets with Support from DBT

One of the key highlights of our trip was the progress made in our efforts to integrate into new markets, supported by the UK Department for Business and Trade (DBT). The insights and resources provided by DBT have been instrumental in navigating the complexities of international expansion. We are excited about the opportunities this integration presents and are committed to delivering exceptional value to our global clients.

Gemba remains dedicated to innovation, excellence, and growth. Our participation in Money20/20 has reinforced our position as a leader in the fintech industry, and we look forward to leveraging the relationships and knowledge gained to drive our vision forward.

Key Takeaways from Money20/20

  1. Open Banking:
    • The industry needs to focus on increasing the adoption of open banking and expanding its reach.
    • Learning from existing card schemes and emphasizing interoperability and regulations is crucial.
    • Commercial Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) and their combination with Generative AI (GenAI) present promising opportunities for innovation.
  2. E-commerce:
    • The gig economy and circular economy are thriving, with a massive surge in creators and sellers.
    • Mass personalization, digital identity, AI, and biometrics are essential for building trust and security.
    • Large Language Models (LLMs) are revolutionizing data analysis by providing high-quality, multi-channel data.
  3. Artificial Intelligence:
    • AI is seen as a tool that enhances human capabilities, not replaces them.
    • Predictive AI is already widely used, and GenAI is gaining traction.
    • The focus is on data quality, model feeding, and scalability.
    • Europe needs to catch up with Asia and the US in terms of AI adoption.
  4. Digital Money:
    • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and stablecoins are likely to coexist, with integration and interoperability being key.
    • Public trust is crucial for the success of digital money.
    • Frameworks like Swift can serve as blueprints for integrating different digital currencies.
  5. Payments:
    • Real-time payment infrastructure is essential, and significant investments are being made in anti-fraud measures.
    • Europe faces challenges in competing beyond traditional payment rails but has opportunities in embedded finance, subscription payments, and B2B models.
  6. Personalization:
    • Personalization is a major cross-industry trend driven by real-time data analytics, cloud infrastructure, and AI.
    • The payments industry is leading the charge in personalization.
  7. Banking:
    • Legacy systems and digital transformation remain challenges for banks.
    • Banks are increasing investments in AI to improve customer experiences.
    • Strategic partnerships are enabling innovation in the banking sector.
    • Execution and sustainable financing are critical for future growth.

Overall, Money20/20 provided valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the financial services industry. The key takeaways highlight the importance of collaboration, innovation, and embracing new technologies to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.