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Gemba Selected for EY FinTech Growth Programme

Sep 11, 2023


Gemba Selected for EY FinTech Growth Programme

London, 11th September 2023 – Gemba, a prominent name in the financial sector, proudly announces its participation in EY FinTech growth programme. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in Gemba commitment to advancing financial technology and innovation. This development aligns with EY’s extensive plans to bolster the FinTech ecosystem in the UK and strengthen its position as a global leader in the financial technology sector.

EY, a global leader in professional services, recently launched its inaugural FinTech lab in London, with plans for a second lab in Edinburgh in 2023. These state-of-the-art labs have been designed to serve as hubs for collaboration between innovative startups and scale-ups, with a focus on tackling critical financial challenges, including combating financial crime and advancing sustainable financial solutions.

CEO and co-founder of Gemba, Alexander Legoshin, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We’re incredibly excited to be part of EY’s prestigious FinTech growth programme. EY’s strong focus on innovation and proactive approach to nurturing partnerships with forward thinking startups aligns perfectly with Gemba vision of pioneering cutting-edge financial solutions. This collaboration signifies a milestone step forward in our journey, and we’re ready to capitalize on the vast resources and expertise that EY brings to the table. Together, we aim to unlock new frontiers in financial technology, delivering transformative solutions to our clients and driving positive change in the industry.”

Vladimir Dereviagin, co-founder of Gemba, emphasized the importance of EY’s new FinTech labs, remarking, “EY’s dynamic labs in London and the forthcoming lab in Edinburgh are poised to facilitate collaboration and innovation. These labs offer us a unique platform to engage with key stakeholders in the financial industry, exchange groundbreaking ideas, and collectively address the intricate financial challenges of our time.”

EY’s ambitious plans for the UK FinTech landscape, including significant financial investments and strategic partnerships, have been welcomed by Gemba. Gemba sees this participation as an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the financial technology sector and looks forward to leveraging EY’s resources and expertise to continue delivering innovative financial solutions.

In the words of Chris Woolard, UK Head of FinTech at EY, “The EY Fintech Labs will be central to our growth, and I am thrilled Mark has joined to spearhead our work. Mark Jannetta, Head of FinTech Lab at EY, also expressed his excitement, stating, “The labs are set to have vibrant, strategic capabilities which will drive change and provide crucial support to the whole financial services market. I’m excited to help clients create more value and build on the UK’s reputation for innovation.”

This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for Gemba and EY as they embark on a journey of innovation and transformation within the financial technology sector. The alliance promises to yield groundbreaking advancements that will shape the future of finance and contribute to the overall growth and success of both organizations.

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