• Consumer banking and payment services
  • Corporate payment and treasury services
  • Acquiring
  • Card issuing: personal, corporate cards and payrolls
  • Blockchain and conventional financial instruments interoperability
  • FX
  • Financial Marketplace
  • Soft currencies international clearing
  • White label banking and payment services
Gemba is developing international clearing system that enables all counterparties to pay for goods and services in their local currency, while receiving party will be paid in a currency they wish.
Consumer banking and payments
Gemba provides full scope of day-to-day payment services:
  • Payment accounts
  • Debit cards
  • Internal, local, and
    international payments
  • Currency exchange
  • Card fraud prevention
  • Expense management
  • Easy to use web and
    mobile apps
Gemba acquiring
Start receiving card payments
  • Invoicing
  • Subscriptions
  • E-Commerce and API
  • Offline merchants(coming soon)
With Gemba acquiring you can:
  • Initiate debit, credit and recurring transactions
  • Setup full-page, iframe and direct post checkouts
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies
  • Use online terminal to sell directly
  • Edit and re-use billing and delivery information
  • Track all historic payments from client
  • Identify clients with saved card data
Currency exchange services
Gemba exchange functionality gives you real-time access to wholesale exchange rates. Convert money at an agreed rate and manage settlements to your account
  • Currency conversion – create, retrieve, track and find a conversion
  • Wholesale foreign exchange rates – low-cost rates for currency conversions
  • Forwards – lock in future rates for up to 12 months (coming soon)
  • Real-time foreign exchange rates – access live rate quotes before a conversion is made
Blockchain + conventional finances
Create, manage, and automate complex, multi-party trade finance orchestrations. Business logic, rules, and transaction workflow can be managed from end-to-end using a single interface.
  • Increase Facility
  • Automate trade finance transactions
  • Gain real-time visibility
  • Add Trading Partners
  • Enable End-to-End Automation
  • Compliance & Audit Visibility
Soft currencies international clearing system
  • No double conversion or volatility risk: Save up to 70% on FX fees and other transactional expenses.
  • Less intermediaries during transactions: Receive payments fast.
  • Real time payment tracking: Know exactly where your funds are.
Corporate payments and treasury
Merchants, international trading companies, service companies, have full set of payment tools for their business:
  • Payment accounts
  • Merchant accounts
  • Prepaid cards
  • Internal, local, and
    international payments
  • Currency exchange
  • Card fraud prevention
  • E-invoicing
  • Accounting module
  • E-commerce gateway
  • Supply chain payments
  • E-commerce CMS
  • Employee salary
  • Bill payments
Card issuing: personal, corporate
Gemba offers personal and corporate card programs:
Debit cards for individuals Corporate debit cards Payrolls
Card types:
  • Plastic +NFC
  • Metal +NFC (coming soon)
  • Virtual cards
We use hi-end anti-fraud systems to prevent loss of money and illegal usage of funds.
  • Limiting to daily/monthly purchase/withdrawal amounts
  • Limiting cash withdrawals
  • Limiting online purchases
  • Linking virtual cards to specific online merchant
  • Online PIN change
  • Etc
Financial services marketplace
In 2021 Gemba aims to introduce it’s financial marketplace, which will include following products:
  • P2P Payments
  • Personal Finance
  • Savings Bonds/Capital Bonds
  • Global Money Transfer
  • Insurance
  • Social Trading
  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Precious Metal Trading
  • Crowdfinance
  • Management Tools
  • Coupons
International trade challenge
  • Counterparties in countries with non-anchor currencies usually face following risks when they facilitate international trade between each other:
  • Double currency conversion (local currency ⟶ contract currency ⟶ foreign counterparty currency): double FX fees
  • Volatility risk for local currencies and contract currency: unexpected losses during contract execution and payments
  • Large number of correspondents may result in slow payment speed: Production and shipment delays are critical
Gemba’s white label
We help businesses to build their financial infrastructure and individuals to manage their assets efficiently. We provide multi-currency accounts, FX, local and global transfers, and ePayments powered by open APIs to create simple, compliant, and cost-efficient payment and financial solutions.
Allow your customers to use our
facilities under your brand:
  • Account number issuing
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Cross border SWIFT payments
  • SEPA payments
  • FX
  • Multi-level account structures
  • Payment collections
  • Instant internal transfers
  • Granular permission control
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